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TimelySetup: An Example of Range Expansion Profitability Index

There is a reason why this blog is called “TimelySetup” which comes from the words “Setup” and “timely”. Setup is a set of favorable conditions which tilt the statistical probability of a particular trade to go in our favor. ┬áStrictly speaking, a trade should not be entered without appearance of a particular setup. Beneath the … Continue reading

Embrace Market Corrections

One of the key idea which I have come to appreciate more and more is the wealth of information which can be gained when the market correct itself. Market corrections is a given. To move higher, market needs to correct itself, presumably to shake out short-term traders who mostly lose money over the long run. … Continue reading

Who is in the Market and Path of Least Resistance

This is an article about a tough and highly competitive business of intraday trading. Most traders might hope to make money consistently in the market by exploiting players with longer investment horizon (by front running them) or those with about the same investment horizon (by, for the lack of better words, trapping them). It is … Continue reading

A Day Trading Plan Outline

Day trading futures contract is a tough business. Make sure we have a logical and well thought out plan to approach it. The following is the big picture outline of a day trading plan which I have partially developed and still being developed. The time we spend on developing the plan may well save us … Continue reading

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