About Me

During my teenage year, as a young student, I loved physics. In fact, with few others, I represented my country in one of international physics competition held in the UK. I found physics beautiful with few elegant basic concepts to comprehend seemingly chaotic world we live in. However, I did not pursue my graduate studies in physics. Instead, I pursued my master degree in Financial Engineering (Computational Finance). This landed me a job with a hedge fund management company as a researcher. It was a small boutique firm handling few family offices from the other continent.

During my stint as a researcher, I started to realize that the market is a very rich laboratory for social sciences. It reflects everything that makes us human. What’s more, the market is a very good laboratory because it has a huge amount of precise data.

I am willing to look at everything that potentially work. I do not reject trading ideas simply because of our pre-conceived notion that this or that should not work. In fact, if enough market participants believe that this or that should work and they act on it, then this variable will become relevant because ultimately we are in the business of anticipating other participants actions regardless of what drive their actions.

The market is too complex for us to comprehend well. It will surprise us and humble us. The market is complex enough to accommodate seemingly contradictory approaches to investing, one at a time. The market is adaptive enough to absorb all new wisdom uncovered. If there is one strong believe that I have, the market will find its way to confuse the majority of its participants. When we are getting smarter, so is the market, fortunately and unfortunately.

I currently trade my own account and provide several Managed Account services for my clients. I day trade equity index futures, swing trade stocks, and employ index options for hedging and trading purposes.

I was born in Indonesia. I presently live in Singapore.

You can reach me at bahar@timelysetup.com.



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