Daily Market Analysis

Daily Market Analysis for 29 Jan 2013 Close

Welcome to Objectively Defined Non-Ambiguous Market Timing Analysis.

Market Timing Direction: BULLISH since Nov 19 Close. See complete track record of the market timing performance.

Analysis  Direction  Timely Note
Market Breadth Pattern  Bullish On Tuesday, market breadth was moderately positive. The system maintains its Long exposure.

The prevailing market state is a Strong market.

In the short term, the market is overbought

As a guide, during bullish period, increase Long exposure during short term Oversold condition, reduce Long exposure during short-term Overbought condition, and maintain normal exposure otherwise.

Primary Breadth Trend  Bullish The primary market breadth is now in bullish territory.
Monetary Conditions  Bullish Monetary base is currently stable at elevated level. The Interest Rate Pump factor has also stabilized at elevated level. The monetary policy is thus still extra easy. We thus maintain long term bullish outlook.
Range Expansion Favorable Range expansion to the Long side is currently favorable.

Note: Any change from previous day summary is highlighted in blue.

Market Breadth Pattern

Daily Market Breadth Pattern - 20130129

Primary Market Breadth

Please refer to the following page: http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=$NAHL&p=D&b=4&g=0&id=p22957433685

Monetary Conditions

Note: The following charts are updated once every month. The chart was last updated on Aug 8, 2012.

Industry Rotation

Industry Rotation-20130129

Color legend:

  • BLUE: 1 month leader and 1 week leader,
  • LIGHT BLUE: 1 month leader,
  • LIGHT GREEN: 1 week leader,
  • RED: 1 month laggard and 1 week laggard,
  • MAGENTA: 1 month laggard,
  • ORANGE: 1 week laggard.

Earnings Cycle

Click on the Chart itself to see the bigger version.

Earnings Cycle-20130129

Range Expansion Long-side Profitability Index

Click on the Chart itself to see the bigger version.



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